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Store name Hakata MOTSUnabe ICHITAKA HAKATA main branch
2nd yamato building 1st floor, 2-4-14 Hakata station east, hakata-ku, fukuoka city
Phone number092-409-7399
Accessit's about 3 minutes from Hakata st. Chikushi entrance (Shinkansen entrance)
Open hour17:00~24:00
Closed dayundecided ( 3 or 4 times in a year *new year's eve and new year is closed
Maximum capacity43 seats ( fot he party, maximum 50 person)

This month
recommendation menu

high class of marbled horse sashimi 1,580yen(excluded tax)

It’s from Kumamoto. Smooth texture and great taste.
Popular menu
from last month

(rare)Horse lever sashimi 1,580yen(excluded tax)

Limited amount!It is very fresh and directly sent from Kumamoto Koga farm☆
This month
recommendation menu